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Mackenzie Primack

Is an Illustrator based in Norway

Available for commissioned-based illustrations in the watercolor medium - contact me in the form below for inquiries.

When asked where I'm from, the most natural answer is to say I'm from California, as I've been lucky to have lived all up and down its coast. Though I've lived in many other states and countries, I find myself always coming back to California, physically or in daydreams.

Life experiences in Georgia, New York, California, Nepal, Kauai, New Zealand, France, and Norway (where I'm currently setting roots) have all informed my work.

Every now and then I find myself dipping into the journey that brought me here. Re-imagining it and plopping memory into illustration.

For the most up-to-date illustrations and happenings, keep an eye on my personal Instagram account, linked below.

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